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Porto Antico

18-21 May 2017

Free entrance


Slow Fish Closes With An Eat-In – The Zero Waste Social Dinner That Encapsulates Slow Food

Sun 21 May 2017

It’s hard to describe the beauty of the Eat-In. The shared joy, the instant connections, the wealth of flavors. A regular part of the program at Slow Food events since 2010, the Eat-In is organized by students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in open, public spaces, where food that would otherwise have gone to waste is transformed into a delicious buffet.

To Help a Brother In Need

Sun 21 May 2017

The opening words of Slow Fish first-timer, Tero Mustonen, of the Snowchange Cooperative, immediately filled the Fish Community room with passion and determination. Located in North Karelia in Finland, the Snowchange Coop was established in 2000 as a community driven, non-profit group dedicated to fighting the impacts of climate change on fishing practices.

A Slow but Virtuous Path

Sat 20 May 2017

If we continue this way, there will be more plastic in oceans than fish by 2050. Here's why each of our choices makes a big difference: we would be deciding between a complete disaster and a slow but virtuous path towards sustainability.


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