All Born Under the Sign of Pisces – Slow Fish Horoscope

Speaking of Slow Fish, we have often said that we don’t know many of the species that inhabit the mysterious depths. So, to help us get to know more of them, the author here is disguised as an astrologist and takes you on a journey into the depths and coral reefs between seas and oceans.

We’ve taken some of the strangest marine creatures and paired them with each sign of the zodiac. Think of yours as your special amulet! Let’s be clear: these fish are not to be eaten, nor are they to be taken too seriously. Since the horoscope accompanies our international event, Slow Fish, an event taking place in Genoa’s Porto Antico also accompanies each sign. So, which fish are you? Read on!

Bicolor Parrotfish (Cetoscarus bicolor).

Aries—21 March-19 April—Bicolor parrotfish
First of the fire signs, Aries has all the energy, enthusiasm, determination and momentum of flames. An impulsive, uncontrollable, continuous crackle of ideas, May arrives after a long period of evaluation, followed by a new determination and beautiful summer skies.

Dear Aries, we have assigned you the bicolor parrotfish (Cetoscarus bicolor), one of the largest existing parrotfish, which can reach up to 90 centimeters in length. A unique feature of this family of fish are their fused teeth that form a strong beak, similar to a parrot’s, with bright and beautiful colors.

Your event in Genoa could be the Sushi and Sashimi the Mediterranean Way, taking place on May 20th at 8pm, inside Casa Slow Food. We chose this because the host chef has many cracking ideas, just like you.

Flapjack octopus (Grimpoteuthis bathynectes).

Taurus—20 April-20 May—Flapjack octopus
Your sign is usually associated with determination, strength, perseverance and resistance. But you’re more than that: you do things wisely, weighing them out without losing your creativity and spirit of observation. In 2017, catch a break from last year’s worries but still apply your curiosity, observation and will to reach your real goals.

Your fish is the flapjack octopus (Grimpoteuthis bathynectes) that lives in deep waters and has two large fins on the sides of its head that resemble the elephant ears of Dumbo, or the horns of a bull.

Your event at Slow Fish is—to keep the cephalopods together—the Squid You Didn’t Expect where food from the sea and land will be combined in marvelous recipes on Sunday May 21st at 3pm.

Blue dragon (Glaucus atlanticus).

Gemini—20 May-20 June—Blue dragon
First of the air signs, you are a continuous ping-pong between opposite extreme:, energetic and responsive you allow yourself to travel and reach the remotest places. You believe in communication. You are able to integrate these extremes through observation and empirical understanding of your surroundings. This year is the year you say enough! and you’ll magically stop idealizing every meeting or situation that happens around you.

We’ve chosen a special fish for you, the blue dragon (Glaucus atlanticus). A fantastic animal spread throughout the waters of southern Africa, Europe and Australia. There’s no specific reason; simply because you should know this species!

Your event in Genoa, however, is well justified; you are double, just like the two versions of cod we’ll be presenting on Friday May 19th at 8pm at Casa Slow Food!

Ocean sunfish (Mola mola).

Cancer—21 June-22 July—Ocean sunfish
First of the water signs, the element that immediately recalls the lunar realm of emotions, feelings and imagination. You protect the privacy and safety of your home and take care of your roots and traditions. You are the mother sign par excellence, the primordial soup that is our origin, protection and nutrition. 2017 for you is both the year to create more effective changes and to discover more of your roots.

It would have been easy, dear cancer, to choose a shellfish that befits your sign. But I didn’t. Your fish is instead the ocean sunfish (Mola mola). It is the largest bony fish and lives in coastal waters of tropical and temperate seas, being found as far north as Newfoundland and the Norwegian coast, and occasionally in the Baltic Sea as well.

We have assigned you a fairytale event, Anchovies in Wonderland, so that you can keep on daydreaming at the Sigaro Toscano stand on Saturday May 20th at 9pm.

Red lionfish (Pterois volitans).

Leo—23 July-22 August—Red lionfish
You are fire and sun at the center of the scene. Always. With a charisma and natural spirit of leadership, you transmit enthusiasm and communicate safety around you, with the condition that nobody “darkens” you. You are creative, determined, optimistic, energetic and passionate. Superficiality and vanity are other bad energies that influence you, and this year you will be even bolder towards them. After three years of hard work, you will finally harvest the fruits that you have sown.

Your fish can only carry your name. The Red lionfish (Pterois volitans), also known as the scorpion fish, is widespread in the Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean from Southeast Asia to Australia and from Japan to Polynesia. It inhabits lagoons and stony seabeds, down to depths of 150 meters. There is not much to say for its appearance, it is simply beautiful!

! What should we assign to you, dear Leo? A Terrace by the Sea, where you can admire a unique panorama with a vertiginous beauty on Friday May 19th at 3pm inside Casa Slow Food.

Horned boxfish (Ostracion cubicus).

Virgo—23 August-22 September—Horned boxfish
The second earth sign, you are like malleable clay, able to mold your shape according to the situation. Attentive to details and results, you are intelligent, experimental, flexible, able to find alternative solutions and precisely logical. After a particularly difficult 2016, this year finally lets you relieve and achieve the things you worked so hard for. You must also thank that troublemaker Saturn for leaving to go bother somebody else.

For you we have chosen a strange and funny fish, the horned boxfish (Ostracion cubicus), which is native to the Indo-Pacific region and the Red Sea. It prefers cliffs and coral reefs and eats everything it finds: sponges, invertebrates, fish, algae and shellfish. That’s adaptation!

The event for you is also dedicated to observation and adaptation, of course. The seas are full of jellyfish because of climate change. Are you ready to consider jelly fish a rich and attractive food source? We look forward to seeing you at Tasty Gel: Jellyfish on Saturday May 20th, inside the Slow Food Marketplace Kitchen.

Piglet squid (Helicocranchia pfefferi).

Libra—23 September-22 October—Piglet squid
Bishop of duality, representing the natural tendency towards harmony, the capacity to see the beautiful in things and situations at a deeper level than the other signs. For this reason, you smile. And for this reason your sign is associated with the concepts of sociability, a sense of equilibrium, love of beauty. Another reason to smile? 2017 is your year, so step forward! There is no environment where you shouldn’t dare: you’re the master of your decisions and ready to take center stage.

Your fish is already an emoticon, the piglet squid (Helicocranchia pfefferi), that smiles, as well he might. Although certainly not a great swimmer, it wanders the seafloor at more than 100 meters deep, lighting its way with bioluminescent organs behind its eyes.

If it’s really your year, don’t miss on perhaps the most joyful event of Slow Fish, the Dinner Date Seeing the stars with Moreno Cedroni and Mauro Colagreco, on May 21st at 8.30pm, at the Il Marin restaurant inside Eataly.

Humpback anglerfish.

Scorpio—23 October-21 November—Humpback anglerfish
Your sign has a sorry reputation, yet you tend to ride it out. Deal with it. You’re the most mysterious and shadowy of the zodiac signs, and you represent the deepest search for the truth, hudden under the surface, pushed by a desire to dig, to light up the dark. Your 2017 is characterized by the necessity to “prepare”, and it’s a chance to experiment, try new things, uncover new aspects of your personality.

As you love to go deep, there was no choice but a truly deep-sea creature: the humpback anglerfish, also known as the black devil, that lives as deep as 4500 meters below sea level, in places where no human being has ever ventured. The female of the species is much bigger than the male, 18 centimeters against three. It has monstrous teeth and giant eyes, and between them, a strange organ protrudes, the illicium, that resembles a fishing rod or radio antenna, which attracts prey with its luminesence—Finding Nemo was of some use, after all!

What events can we suggest for you? Perhaps the Chefs’ Kitchen on Saturday May 20th at 6pm: Origins of the world, to satisfy your desire to andare back to where it all began. We’ll be waiting for you at Casa Slow Food.

Sea pony (Hippocampus bargibanti).

Sagittarius—22 November-21 December—Sea pony
Third and final of the fire signs, you’re the expression of grit, enthusiasm, energy and passion, desire to reach new territories and explore uncharted waters, in search of new knowledge. You have Saturn that continues to walk by your side (against you, it would be a thousand times worse) but since 2017 started you have begun to be more aware and adapt to a sometimes cumbersome presence.

We’ve combined you with the Sea pony (Hippocampus bargibanti) —it couldn’t have been otherwise, given the horse head and the recall to the centaur that you are—widespread in the Indo-Pacific, from Indonesia to the Philippines, from Papua Nuova Guinea to Australia and New Caledonia. It’s tiny, and its Carmine red “pimples” serve as camoflauge among coral reefs, its natural habitat.

At Slow Fish, the event for you is Relyenong bangus: stuffed fish the Filipino way, on May 18th at 2pm in Slow Fish Marketplace Kitchen.

Clown triggerfish (Balistoides conspicillum).

Capricorn—22 December-19 January—Clown triggerfish
Your “Earth”, the last of the Zodiac, is the accomplishment of great projects, the practicality of the engineer. You’re governed by Saturn, Lord of realism and sobriety, that gives you that sometimes disenchanted attitude, with feet firmly on the ground. Go to the chase, towards achievement, and its longevity. You’ve been working for this for years, and perhaps 2017 is your year. Are you ready fulfill you’re biggest dreams? The time is ripe.

For you, a fish with well-defined colors, like a work of engineering: the Clow triggerfish (Balistoides conspicillum), which lives along the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific. Marvel at its leopardskin speckles along its back! Carrying the earth into sea: that is your mission!

The event for you at Slow Fish is Corrado Scaglione and Valeria Mosca: wild doughs, between land and sea, Thursday May 18th at 8.30pm, at the Il Marin restaurant inside Eataly. Here you’ll discover the fascinating project from two cooks who are working with “subsistence flours” taken from plants and edible flowers, and making intriguing pizzas from them.

Acquarius—20 January-18 Febuary—Giant Manta Ray
The last air sign, you’re the most enigmatic and indecipherable of the entire zodiac. Ready to listen, ask questions, reform your ideas, ahead of the times with your ideas, use logic and above all, share your discoveries with others. 2017 is the right year to bring a journey of discovery you started many years ago to its conclusion. It’s the right your for courageous choices and fly high in, up in the air, your element.

For you, a truly magical fish, the Giant Manta Ray (Manta birostris), enormous cartilaginous that lives in all temperate and tropical seas. An excellent swimmer, when it jumps out of the water it almost seems to fly. Not by chance that we’ve linked to the purest and most extreme air sign.

So where are we sending you? To Smoked Ireland: Sally Barnes’ ancient method. We’ll be waiting for you on Sunday May 21st at 11am, in Slow Fish Marketplace Kitchen.

Emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator).

Pisces—19 February-20 March—Emperor angelfish
Needless to say, the third and final of the water signs is the best-suited to this bizarre horoscope. You’re the last sign, the most spiritual, the most artistic, the most emotional, and you have the strongest, deepest and most balanced connection the world of the unconscious.   Empathetic, receptive, ready to absorb emotions like a sponge, and finally, this year, your emotions will know how to compensate you properly. You’ve sown a lot of seeds—now it’s time to reap the harvest!

Fish are all magical, but for you we’ve chosen the most magical that came to mind, the Emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator), that lives along the barrier reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with its beautiful plumage, a true work of art, which shifts in color with age.

An event for you? The Smoked artist Taste Workshop, guided by a histrionic chef, Cristiano Tomei, that knows very well how to illustrate the art and magic of smoking.

The astrologist chooses not to reveal themselves. But the points of reference are the horoscopes of Simon&theStars, the greatest at outlining the archetypes.

The photos are taken from the internet.


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