A Slow but Virtuous Path

If we continue this way, there will be more plastic in oceans than fish by 2050. Here's why each of our choices makes a big difference: we would be deciding between a complete disaster and a slow but virtuous path towards sustainability.

Charfia: Palm Labyrinths of Kerkennah

The Kerkennah islands are a small archipelago off the coast of Tunisia, in the Gulf of Gabès, with a population of just 15,000 people. Here, a small group of fisherman catch their food using an ancient and unusual method, known as the charfia. Traditional fishers of Kerkennah recounted their story at Slow Fish, as part of the meetings with fishing communities.

Ishikawa, Japan: New Eyes to Strengthen Local Fisheries

The Ishikawa Prefecture on the western coast of Japan is a peculiar biodiversity hotspot which hosts ancient preservation and fermentation techniques, some of which still not completely understood by scientists. However, they will likely die out if new generations don’t take over.

Temporary Tastings: Wines Not to Miss at the Slow Fish Enoteca

What exactly is Temporary Tastings? Every afternoon and evening, the visitors will be able to participate in four exclusive events that involve important mostly Italian and foreign wine producers. They will present the rarest wines - here are some details:

Sushi According to Moreno Cedroni

One of them is from Marseille, the homeland of calanques and bouillabaisse, while the other is from Senigallia on Italy's Adriatic coast, famous for its velvety beach and its broth prepared with 13 types of fish. Slow Fish brings them both to Genoa for their interpretation of sushi – or susci, the Italian way.

Vanishing Foodways

Louisiana and Vietnam, two regions on opposite sides of the world that share much in common. Both the Louisiana coast and Vietnam’s Mekong delta formed over the past 6,000 years by mighty rivers; the Mississippi in Louisiana and the Mekong in Vietnam.

1001 Soups

At Slow Fish, there'll be plenty of fish soups at the Fish-à-porter and Chefs’ Alliance events. See how local catch is transformed into fascinating dishes by Michelin-starred chefs and osteria cooks, beginning with Cristiano Tomei, who will host a workshop and a Fish-à-porter event on Sunday, May 21st.

The Most Curious Dishes From the Depths of the Sea

Did you know you can eat jellyfish? Or that you can make a delicious stew from the offal of cod and angler fish? These and other curious recipes will be explained by chefs, fishers and experts at the Slow Fish Marketplace Kitchen, in the many Fish-à-porter events lined up from May 18-21.