Slow Fish Closes With An Eat-In – The Zero Waste Social Dinner That Encapsulates Slow Food

It’s hard to describe the beauty of the Eat-In. The shared joy, the instant connections, the wealth of flavors. A regular part of the program at Slow Food events since 2010, the Eat-In is organized by students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in open, public spaces, where food that would otherwise have gone to waste is transformed into a delicious buffet.

To Help a Brother In Need

The opening words of Slow Fish first-timer, Tero Mustonen, of the Snowchange Cooperative, immediately filled the Fish Community room with passion and determination. Located in North Karelia in Finland, the Snowchange Coop was established in 2000 as a community driven, non-profit group dedicated to fighting the impacts of climate change on fishing practices.

Vjosa: The Blue Heart of Europe

The Vjosa River in Albania the last of Europe’s great wild rivers, known for its rich biodiversity, rare fish species and deep canyons. In some areas, it reaches over two kilometers in width. It’s is an ideal habitat for migratory birds and spawning fish,but the nourishment its biodiversity provides to the local community is endangered due to hydroelectric projects in the basin.

Morocco: Where traditional fishing is a thread binding communities

In Sidi Bounouar, little village along the south-western Atlantic coast of Morocco, most of the population is employed in artisanal fishing, shellfishing and agriculture. Around 80 families totalling around 380 people make a living from these activities.

Discovering Genoa: A Five Tip Guide

Genoa is an often overlooked city, the “third” member of Italy’s industrial triangle. Yet “La Superba” (The Proud One) is steeped in history, and for hundreds of years it was one of the great Maritime Republics, with colonies stretching from Corsica to the Crimea. Its glorious past has contributed to the formation of the modern world, not least by being the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, and its signature sauce, pesto, is famous across the globe.

Raise Your Glass to the Dinner Date Menus!

Here we are. The chefs, their raw materials and menus are here. It is almost time for the Dinner Dates at Slow Fish. From Wednesday to Friday, we are presenting you the first four Dinner Dates.

Slow Fever: Drinking to Explore the World

Slow Fever. From Caronis to Demeraras, from the Clairins of Haiti to the craft mezcals of Mexico—today as yesterday Velier is exploring out-of-the way plantations and remote distilleries and is now a point of reference for enthusiasts all across the world.

Port Phillip Bay: Last Fishers Standing

Last year, Victorian Government passed a legislation to ban all commercial netting in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay, in order to increase the number of recreational fishers who pushed for the ban in the first place. The ban aims to phase out all commercial fishing by the year 2022, and 170 years old family businesses lose their rights to fish.

Thorupstrand: United Against Privatization

A few years after Denmark decided to privatize its fisheries in 2006, half of the fishing villages in the country had lost all their fleets. The right to fish was given to just a few boat owners, and coastal communities risked losing access to the sea. The Thorupstrand community in Northern Jutland formed a collective company to avoid the negative consequences of privatization by introducing an alternative quota system for the common benefit of coastal communities.