Raise Your Glass to the Dinner Date Menus!

Here we are. The chefs, their raw materials and menus are here. It is almost time for Slow Fish Dinner Dates.

From Wednesday to Friday, we are presenting you the first four Dinner Dates.

Amuse-bouche. Wednesday 17 May, with Maurizio and Sandro Serva
The two brothers Maurizio and Sandro Serva from the restaurant La Trota will host the first Dinner Date, giving a start to Slow Fish. La Trota is an authentic reference point for lovers of an elegant and stylish cooking, using less noble ingredients with excellent quality and resulting in impressively memorable masterpieces of freshwater fish.

Here’s their offer: trout fillet, couscous with pineapple, coconut milk and rose vinegar; tench soup with a spicy passage and capelli d’angelo (a type of fresh spaghetti); stuffed zita with smoked bacon, roasted in a bisque of freshwater shrimps on hop coulis; carp with a puppyseed crust, spring cress and maionese of potatoes and beetroot.

To close, a spring dessert primavera, accompanied by wines selected by Eataly: Brut Alta Langa Bolla Ciao – Fontanafredda (Cn); Langhe Bianco Le Coccinelle 2015 – Brandini (Cn); FCO Friulano No Name 2016 – Le Vigne di Zamò (Ud); Langhe Nebbiolo No Name 2013 – Borgogno e Figli (Cn); Moscato d’Asti Galarej 2015 – Fontanafredda (Cn).

Starter. Thursday 18 May, with Corrado Scaglione and Valeria Mosca
Corrado Scaglione and Valeria Mosca have prepared a pizza menu with different flours in the restaurants of Eataly, on the evening of 18th of May. They will work with “subsistence flours” recovered from edible flowers and plants mixed with wheat flour and various garnishes, from the classic marinara to seafood ingredients.

Here’s what you will find in this interesting itinerary: ground elder, tannin ice cream, fermented tuna heart; dough with subsistence flour of Icelandic moss, forest herbs, fresh goat curd, lake bottarga; whole wheat pizza, strawberries, elderberry flowers, fresh taleggio and missoltino; white pizza, bitto and lake carp; bitter herbs, grappa and mushrooms. To pair, beers selected by Quality Beer Academy: Firestone Walker Pale 31, BraufactuM Palor, Rodenbach Session, BraufactuM Colonia, Cornet.

First dish. Thursday 18 May, with Giorgio Dal Forno
Somewhere else, at the beautiful corner of his restaurant in the heart of the city, Giorgio dal Forno plays with the flavors of his lagoon.

Originally from the Marano Lagoon, he felt an inconditional love to his territory from an early age. He transferred this passion into his cooking and became an essential destination for seafood lovers.

His menu is composed of passato de gò, mussels, clams and canestrelli biscuits with seaweed chips and fisherman’s frittata with lesser known fish and barena herbs.

Next, steamed canoce, avocado, soia sauce and sea mustard maionese; spaghetti, chef’s smoked eel, confit tomatoes, cubes of dried orange and tomatoes; boreto from the Trieste Gulf. To close, chocolate cake and chinottos by Finale Liguria and Volteggio amarettis.

To pair, Consorzio Franciacorta’s proposals: Franciacorta Saten Le Cantorie;
 Franciacorta Pas Dosè San Cristoforo;
 Franciacorta Freccianera Rosa 2013 Azienda Agricola Fratelli Berlucchi; Franciacorta Brut Contadi Castaldi.



Main Dish. Friday 19 May, with Luigi Taglienti

We are closing our Dinner Dates tour by presenting you a chef who doesn’t need much of a presentation. Born in Savona and Ligurian to the bone, Luigi Taglienti is undoubtedly one of the best talents of contemporary Italian cuisine.

He is now managing a new restaurant born from Emanuela Verlicchi Marazzi, entrepreneur and president of Filippo Marazzi Foundation in collaboration with MB America. Inside the elegant Il Marin restaurant, Luigi will present his journey as a round trip to Liguria.

Taglienti’s menu: rich farinata, oysters and starflower, risotto with turmeric juice, striped bass soup with veal lode, and finally a tiramisù with black truffles.

Wines to complete this experience:

Lugana Le Quaiare 2016
, Soave Vintage 2015
, Valpollicella Classico Superiore Ognissanti 2014 e il Recioto della Valpollicella 2013, proposti dalla cantina Bertani di Grezzana (Vr).

We are waiting for you in Genoa with these and other proposals, reminding you to book a Dinner Date spot by calling the Il Marin restaurant in Genoa (010 8698722, except for Giorgio Dal Forno’s Dinner Date) or by coming to the event reception in Casa Slow Food from the 18th of May.


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