Corrado Scaglione and Valeria Mosca: wild doughs, between land and sea

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Corrado Scaglione, originally from Brianza (in northwest Lombardy) makes true Neapolitan pizza—it’s one of his reasons for living. At the Enosteria Lipen, Corrado shows the fruit of his studies and passion every day; masterpieces formed from a long fermentation process with the right mixture of sourdough and beer yeast. Another Brianza local is the researcher, cook and forager Valeria Mosca. She brought the Wood*ing wild food lab to life, where she and her team experiment with wild edibles in every possible way.

Corrado and Valeria will prepare various doughs for Slow Fish, working with “subsistence flours” made from wild flowers and plants combined with wheat. They will enrich the doughs with various toppings; from the classic marinara towards the wide open sea.

Pizzas will be paired with beers selected by Quality Beer Academy.