Vanishing Foodways: The Louisiana-Vietnam Story

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Louisiana and Vietnam, though on opposite sides of the world, share much in common. Both regions were formed over the past 6,000 years by mighty rivers; the Mississippi in Louisiana and the Mekong in Vietnam. These two muddy river deltas create diverse ecosystems that are home to two of the world’s largest fisheries and migratory flyways. Their incredible abundance make a considerable contribution to the world’s food supply as well as giving rise to some of the world’s most renowned cuisine.
However, the fragile coastal wetlands of Louisiana and Vietnam are the two most rapidly disappearing regions in the world, due to climate change and the industrialization of the rivers. The Mississippi River now contains high Nitrogen run-off from industrial agriculture, resulting in the world’s largest anoxic deadzone. Vanishing Foodways will be presenting these amazing regions while also expanding the conversation to include stories from other river basins around the world, and exploring how we can raise awareness on the issues affecting our watersheds.
Intervention: Gary Granata
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