Aromatic Carp Stew with Steamed Rice: a Traditional Ugandan Recipe

At the Ssese Island Beach Hotel along Lake Victoria, Ugandan chef George Ntumwa serves a traditional carp stew for the guests - an ancestral way to prepare freshwater fish. George shared his recipe with us before taking part at the event ‘Origins of the World’ at Slow Fish, where he will introduce elements from their local cuisine and fishing traditions that are now under threat by the increasing foreign investments around Lake Victoria.

Bluefish: Saving the Prince of Bosphorus

Lüfer is the local name given to adult bluefish in Turkey, a symbolic species in the movement against overfishing in the Bosphorous and Marmara Sea. Indeed, lüfer may soon be extinct in Turkish waters. The documentary Bluefish: Prince of the Bosphorus tells the story of this species.

Eight myths that we’ll be debunking at Slow Fish with the help of researchers and dietitians

Spring is on the way and, like every year, it’ll bring with it those first seaside outings and the urge to eat fresh, light food. It’s a time of the year when we feel peckish just thinking about a plate of fish. The risk is that all this enthusiasm will be backed up by information that is often incomplete, at times misleading and, in some cases, downright dangerous, especially when food safety is at stake.

Guardians of Mangroves

Muisne Island is literally built on mangroves. This magical setting is where Lidér grew up, among mangrove trees, coral reefs and the beach. Since the devastating earthquake that hit Ecuador in April 2016, he has been involved in the reconstruction of the island. He has also been fighting against the deforestation of mangroves and the displacement of locals by the dominant shrimp industry.

La Trota Gets Its Own Back

Sandro and Maurizio Serva have been making the most of the river bounty from local valleys around La Trota, their restaurant with two Michelin stars in Rivodutri, for decades. Trout, carp, chub, pike and other freshwater fish are the main ingredients on an amazing menu that you can savor at Slow Fish.

Word of the day: waste ban

Fighting fish-based food waste is possible, from the boat, to the processing centers to our homes. At Slow Fish on May 21st we have a conference dedicated to valorizing food products to prevent waste.

The Return of Noah’s Ark

Marano lagoon in province of Udine – with less than 2000 inhabitants – is an incredible biodiversity hotspot with fish and plant species that chef Giorgio dal Forno knows by heart. Talking about this enchanting world, we embark on his boat, and together examine the brackish waters and dikes of this rich territory.