Conferences on human and environmental health, the wide panorama of virtuous seafood, the protection of biodiversity and food waste reduction will be held in the open air at the Slow Fish main stage. We’ll report on the state of our seas and fish stocks and other current issues, led by researchers and experts.

We will discuss the protection of marine ecosystems and the need to preserve biodiversity. We are facing complex problems such as pollution from pelagic tar and microplastics that have a real impact on the Mediterranean Sea. We will try to analyze the impacts of climate change on the seas and oceans, and hypothesize adaptation scenarios. We will demonstrate how passing to a short value-chain fishing system is a fundamental step in ensuring healthy, tasty and environmentally friendly fish products.

The conferences are free entry while seats last.

19 May
Porto Antico-Casa Slow Food

Climate Change: impacts and adaption scenarios

Global changes, increasing sea temperatures, acidification of waters and low levels of oxygen pose now evident and concrete risks for the functioning of natural ecosystems. These changes will affect and strike the Mediterranean Sea with a rapid and unparalleled strength. […]

20 May
Porto Antico-Casa Slow Food

Contaminants in the Marine Ecosystem

The Mediterranean represents 0.8% of the planet’s seas but it accounts for 30% of the global tanker traffic. This has an immediate compliance on the health of our sea, quantified at 38.2 miligrams per squaremeter of pelagic tar, in contrast […]

21 May
Porto Antico-Casa Slow Food

Valorizing food products to prevent waste

Getting in the way of food waste -in the phases of fishing, processing and home use- is possible, most efficiently through the valorization of discarded food products. A meeting dedicated to shortchain fishery and farmed shellfish products and how we […]

21 May
Porto Antico-Casa Slow Food

Sea of Cultures

In last few years, we’ve heard the first-hand stories of people who left their homeland in search of a new future. Several reasons pushed men, women and families to leave their homes and cross seas: war, climate change, violation of […]

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