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Dreaming of an unforgettable lunch or dinner experince at Slow Fish? Look no further: the Dinner Dates were made for you.

The Dinner Dates are among the most classic and popular activities of all Slow Food events. The Cavo Ristorante, inside the historic Branca Doria Palace is one of the two locations where chefs from both Italy and further afield will be showcasing their talent from Wednesday to Sunday. The second location is the Il Marin at the top floor of Eataly, overlooking the panorama of Genoa’s Porto Antico.

Holders of two Michelin stars at La Trota, the brothers Maurizio and Sandro Serva will be opening up the Dinner Dates calendar on Wednesday evening. In their kitchen it is freshwater fish like pike, carp, trout, tench and crayfish that take center stage.

On Thursday, Giorgio Dal Forno of Ai Tre Canai in the Marano Lagoon shows us his approach to lagoon fish, with traditional dishes from the region like bisato in speo (eel on skewers) and a boreto (stew). At Eataly, “wild doughs” made from edible flowers, wild herbs and wheat will be under the spotlight, where Corrado Scaglione and Valeria Mosca will prepare wild dough pizzas enriched with seafood toppings.

On Friday, Luigi Taglienti, one of the stars of contemporary Italian cuisine and the man behind “the place to be” in Milan, Il Lume, will be the protagonist of a long journey that begins in Liguria, taking us on a long and delicious journey of discovery around Italy before returning home to his roots.

On Saturday, the kitchen at Il Marin on the top floor of Eataly will accommodate four chefs: The Colombian Roy Caceres from Metamorfosi in Rome, Japanese chef Yoji Tokuyoshi, who blends Italian ingredients with Japanese techniques at Tokuyoshi in Milan, and the Italian chef Elvio Milleri who unites Italian and Scandinavian cultures at Era Ora in Copenhagen. Marco Visciola, the head chef at Il Marin itself, will host at this rich, varied, multicultural extravaganza.

In closing, a lucky portion of the visitors at Slow Fish will meet Moreno Cedroni from La Madonnina del Pescatore and Mauro Colagreco from Mirazue di Menton—both two-star Michelin holders.

Bookings for Dinner Dates events can be made on this site. Book yours now!

17 May
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