Toscano Cigar Workshops

Sigaro Toscano will host four sensory education workshops from Friday to Sunday. At the workshops, they will offer spirits, beers, cocktails, sparkling wines and – obviously – various cigars from the historic Toscano company, all Made in Italy.

From “pissalandrea” with anchovies to artisanal smoked oysters, discover the perfect pairings among the kitchen’s varied offerings.

19 May
Porto Antico-Area partners

Admirals, galleons and treasures of the seas

A reinterpretation of the classic anchovy and olive pizza, pissalandrea is a typical product of Ligurian gastronomy and owes its name to Andrea Doria, an Admiral of the Genoese navy in the Middle Ages. Dennis Pirello of the Focacceria Zena […]

20 May
Porto Antico-Area partners

Anchovies in Wonderland

Once upon a time there were anchovies and their surprising, wonderful simplicity. A workshop to leave everyone speechless, wherein anchovies of the Euromar company meet the aroma of the Antico Toscano cigar. A Biancosarti based cocktail will be served by […]

21 May
Porto Antico-Area partners

Smoked artist

Cristiano Tomei, the flamboyant chef of the Michelin-starred L’Imbuto di Lucca restaurant and the Pastificio dei Campi pasta company take us on an outstanding journey of smoking and haute cuisine. Pasta and cigars mingle and evolve into a theatre of […]

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