Casa Slow Food

Casa Slow Food is the association’s home base at Slow Fish 2017.

Here, Slow Food members can renew their memberships, become more active in the network, meet up, share stories, and catch up on the issues that they care about. They can also browse and buy books from Slow Food Editore. Last but not least, they can meet fishing communities from all over the world and get to know our projects related to the seas, coasts and freshwater.

The Chefs’ Alliance Kitchen

Where 15 Italian and foreign chefs will be taking turns to cook and tell us the stories of the ingredients they use—all of them using products that respect the environment and animal welfare. Chefs with different profiles, stories and styles are fighting every day to protect biodiversity, safeguard gastronomic knowledge and local cultures.
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We are the net

At Casa Slow Food, the knots of the international Slow Fish net—fishers, cooks, academics, researchers and representatives of institutions—will discuss the state of marine resources, exchange knowledge on the issues affecting fish stocks and share good practices from the international Terra Madre network.

The participants will share their experiences, present their communities and tell us how they have created the conditions to work collectively towards a better future.

Regional Workshops

Knowing a territory, learning about its issues, promoting its small producers—at the Regional Workshops the protagonists and their products will be under the spotlight, inspiring us and teaching us more about the meaning of conviviality.

Education: take off!

If what you’ve read so far intrigues you and you’d like to see the event through the eyes of Slow Food, take a walk on the Slow Path, a Slow Food Education initiative for visiting schools and tour groups. The guided tours depart from Casa Slow Food and cross the event, discovering good fishing practices, sea stories and engaging characters.
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The Olive Oil Labyrinth

At every edition of Slow Fish, extra-virgin olive oil plays an important role, and pays tribute to one of the best known products of the host region, Liguria. This year we have a special olive oil tour in the form of a labyrinth, putting several questions to visitors: Where do you buy your olive oil? How was it produced? Which olive variety was used? What is the right price? There’s lots to think about each time we buy extra-virgin olive oil. Walking through the labyrinth, you will learn how to choose high quality olive oil that is good, clean and fair.

The Main Stage

A short distance from Casa Slow Food there is an open-air stage where conferences and discussions will be held from morning till evening, addressing current issues from climate change and resource management systems to food security and migration. Documentaries and films will be projected, and scientific insights will be provided by Univercity, a series of meetings organized by the University of Genoa.
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#LaMiaLiguria (#MyLiguria)

As one of the coordinators of Slow Fish since the first edition, the Region of Liguria arranges a rich program for visitors and tourists: #LaMiaLiguria offers workshops with fishermen and artisans, tastings of Genoese pesto and endless gastronomic opportunities.

Casa Slow Food will be open from Thursday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to midnight, and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

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