Chefs’ Alliance Kitchen

If you’re a gastronomy and seafood enthusiast, you’ll be right at home at the 15 Chefs’ Alliance Kitchen events. Here, the Chefs’ Alliance cooks will prepare their signature dishes, combining seafood from their waters with various Slow Food Presidia and Ark of Taste products.

Chefs Pasquale and Luca Tarallo from the Paisà restaurant in Montecorice, Salerno, will heat up the ovens for their Mediterranean soup of Cicerale chickpeas and Menaica Anchovies (both Slow Food Presidia). Meanwhile, Danilo Antonio Vasta from T-Porto in Muggia, Trieste, will serve calafriùl – stuffed squid with formadì frant cheese (Presidium), Pan di Sorc (Presidium) and water thyme served in a bath of beans and Cavasso and Valcosa Onion (Presidium) and braised in grape vinegar. Esteban Tapia from Ecuador brings us his encocado, a cross-continental fusion with African influences: raw materials from the Pacific are mixed with citrus scents, sweet coconut and spicy chili.

All this will be accompanied by white, red and sparkling wines from the best Italian wineries in the Slow Food Wine Project.

From the home style cooking from the taverns of Albenga and Pompeii to the exotic cuisine of Uganda and Ecuador and the refined recipes of French and Dutch chefs, our guests at Slow Fish are all part of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance network which has more than 700 members worldwide. They aim to sustain small-scale producers and preserve biodiversity, using Presidium and Ark of Taste products on a daily basis.

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