Fish-à-Porter, like at La Boqueria

One of the best things a market can offer is the freshness of its ingredients, especially when they are reworked as meals, like at La Boqueria in Barcelona, one of the most famous markets in the world. For the first time, this year at the Slow Fish Marketplace you can have a similar experience with 18 Fish-à-Porter events.

In the kitchen, set up among the market stalls, the stars of the Slow Fish network—chefs, fishermen, artisans, biologists—will be delving into diverse aspects of marine cuisine. Shopping tips, the stories behind dishes, preparation methods and waste avoidance. Even the fish heads have lots of culinary uses! Alternatively, let yourself be inspired on all the different ways to prepare mussels, learn which fish to choose for a soup and how to prepare freshwater fish in simple and tasty meals.

At the end of each lesson, you’ll be able to buy a ticket to taste, among other things: Moreno Cedroni’s “susci” prepared with the some of the lesser-appreciated fish of the Adriatic; delicious meatballs from affordable fish species; lots of different fish soups, like the court bouillon from Haiti; smoked Irish products and Norwegian bacalao. And what about jellyfish? We’ll bet you didn’t know all the ways they can be cooked and eaten, too!

A selection of TripleA labels distributed by the Velier (a 70-year old Genoese brand) will accompany each tasting.

Entrance to the lessons is free, while the tickets for tasting can be purchased at the Slow Fish Marketplace.

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