Piazza delle Feste

Wines and cocktails, pizzas and shrimps in three forms: all the fun you can taste at Slow Fish 2017.

What is the essential element at every party? Without doubt: good food accompanied by good drinks. And if the selection is made by Slow Food, satisfaction is guaranteed.

In the Piazza delle Feste (Party Square), we’ll provide options for everyone. At the Enoteca, there’ll be 300 brands selected by the Wine Bank, many of which you’ll be able to explore in detail through the Temporary Tastings, where you’ll be able to taste selected vintages and rare wines, guided by their producers; Mixology, where some of Italy’s most experienced bartenders will teach you how to drink cocktails responsibly; the Pizza n’ Fish will offer fish themed pizzas prepared by the country’s finest pizzaioli, and the Punto Gamberi (Shrimp Spot) will be serving the freshest local catch.

All you have to do is play with and create a combo that works for you!

The Piazza delle Feste is open from Thursday to Saturday between noon and midnight, and Sunday from noon until 8.30 p.m. Entry is free, and tickets to buy food and drinks can be bought at the entrance to the area.

Are you ready for a virtual journey to discover the most virtuous Italian vineyards? Allow your curiosity to be piqued and prepare your palate for a unique tasting tour of the Boot. At the Slow Fish Enoteca, 300 types of wines selected by the Wine Bank and Slow Wine will be waiting for you. You can seek advice from the Carta dei Vini (Wine List) or take a guided tour from the professional sommeliers of Fisar.

In the afternoons and evenings, the Enoteca will host Temporary Tastings, exclusive events that involve the best Italian wine producers, who will be offering their hard-to-find wines and rare vintages.

Another place to drink well is the Mixology area curated by Velier, you can discover the secrets of cocktails, their history, the ingredients, and learn how to make them at home, guided by the best Genoese bartenders.

You can choose from the following cocktails: White&Storm, PMG Daiquiri, Frangipani, Whisky Soda & Shrub, Caipirinha, Smoky Negroni, Tommy’s Margarita, Sangrita, Pisco Punch or the Royal Danish Highball. Alternatively, you can take part in the absinthe ritual, with or without added sugar, iced natural water, fresh and thirst-quenching, or choose from among the many spirits available on the menu.

Flour, water, yeast, salt and… before you can say it, pizza! But when it comes to kneading, seasoning and baking, it should be left to the expert Italian pizzaioli who know how to use the ingredients from their native territories according to the seasons, with a special focus on fish. The Pizza n’ Fish point will host three expert pizza makers as featured in Slow Food Editore’s recent book, Pizza, a great Italian tradition: on Thursday and on Friday, Corrado Scaglione from Enosteria Lipen in Canonica Lambro (in Lombardy), on Saturday Massimiliano Prete from Gusto Divino in Saluzzo and Gusto Madre in Alba and on Sunday Graziano Monogrammi from La Divina Pizza in Florence.

At Punto Gamberi (Shrimp Spot) you can enjoy freshly caught pink and red shrimps from the San Remo coast, in their purest forms: raw, blanched or slightly seared, served up by Giuseppe Di Gerlando, manager of the well-known restaurant Ittiturismo Patrizia.

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