Slow Fish Marketplace

The Slow Fish Marketplace exhibits the best products from the water and the land, brought to you directly by fishermen and chefs: fresh fish, preserves, salts, spices, extra-virgin olive oil and much more.

Slow Food events have always been an occasion to get to know extraordinary producers from across the world and the stories behind their products.

Along the seafront at the Porto Antico, the Slow Fish Marketplace focuses on seafood and freshwater products such as oysters, stoccafisso and baccalà, preserved anchovies, trouts, bottarga di muggine and many other fresh and conserved products. But there’s more! Another star is salt, an essential cooking ingredient and one of nature’s most important gifts. Its production is often linked to magical landscapes, where white crystal pyramids dot the coast. Finally, spices, olive oil and conserves: all you need to make delicious fish recipes. Among the market stalls you’ll find the Slow Food Presidia, projects that support small-scale traditional productions that risk disappearing altogether, such as the Traditional Cetara Anchovy Extract, the Traditional Marinated Comacchio Valleys Eel, and the Portonovo Wild Mussel.

There’s something new at the Marketplace this year, inspired by the Boqueria Market in Barcelona: a kitchen where cooks and fishermen will prepare simple and tasty dishes, giving instructions and tips on buying the right fish. It will be a unique opportunity to immerse yourself 360° in the water-world.


Want to know more? Click here to see the event program and how to participate.

The Slow Fish Marketplace is open every day from 10 a.m. to 20:30 p.m. with free entry. Tickets to buy food and drinks can be bought at the desk at the entrance of the market.

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