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Smoked Fish From Northern Lazio – Interview with Tiziana Favi

Tiziana Favi of the Slow Food Chef's Alliance has transformed her original passion for communication into something profoundly delicious.  "It's not always easy to explain what we do to our customers, and the value of our continuous culinary investigations. But when we're able to, the satisfaction is enormous, and I know all the difficulties we face have paid off." 

Caroline Rye: The Urban Fishwife

While Scotland accounts for just 8% of the UK’s population, it lands around two thirds of its overall fish catch! Increasingly, however, British consumers tend to focus on just five species—cod, salmon, tuna, haddock and prawns—which account for as much as three quarters of all the fish eaten. On a one-woman mission to change our attitude toward seafood is chef, blogger and activist Caroline Rye, also known as the Urban Fishwife, a breath of fresh sea air at Slow Food 2019.

Flavors and aromas of the Roman coast – Interview with Gianfranco Pascucci

A self-taught chef with a beautiful story to tell in a Dinner Date at Slow Fish. If Gianfranco Pascucci was a musician, we’d say he has perfect pitch. “If I taste something I can reproduce it myself accurately.” This rare gift has fueled a lifelong passion for cooking. “Since I was a boy, I loved preparing breakfasts for my family, each one personalized according to their taste.”