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Sushi According to Moreno Cedroni

One of them is from Marseille, the homeland of calanques and bouillabaisse, while the other is from Senigallia on Italy's Adriatic coast, famous for its velvety beach and its broth prepared with 13 types of fish. Slow Fish brings them both to Genoa for their interpretation of sushi – or susci, the Italian way.

1001 Soups

At Slow Fish, there'll be plenty of fish soups at the Fish-à-porter and Chefs’ Alliance events. See how local catch is transformed into fascinating dishes by Michelin-starred chefs and osteria cooks, beginning with Cristiano Tomei, who will host a workshop and a Fish-à-porter event on Sunday, May 21st.

Aromatic Carp Stew with Steamed Rice: a Traditional Ugandan Recipe

At the Ssese Island Beach Hotel along Lake Victoria, Ugandan chef George Ntumwa serves a traditional carp stew for the guests - an ancestral way to prepare freshwater fish. George shared his recipe with us before taking part at the event ‘Origins of the World’ at Slow Fish, where he will introduce elements from their local cuisine and fishing traditions that are now under threat by the increasing foreign investments around Lake Victoria.

La Trota Gets Its Own Back

Sandro and Maurizio Serva have been making the most of the river bounty from local valleys around La Trota, their restaurant with two Michelin stars in Rivodutri, for decades. Trout, carp, chub, pike and other freshwater fish are the main ingredients on an amazing menu that you can savor at Slow Fish.