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Raise Your Glass to the Dinner Date Menus!

Here we are. The chefs, their raw materials and menus are here. It is almost time for the Dinner Dates at Slow Fish. From Wednesday to Friday, we are presenting you the first four Dinner Dates.

The Return of Noah’s Ark

Marano lagoon in province of Udine – with less than 2000 inhabitants – is an incredible biodiversity hotspot with fish and plant species that chef Giorgio dal Forno knows by heart. Talking about this enchanting world, we embark on his boat, and together examine the brackish waters and dikes of this rich territory.

Alliance Kitchen and Dinner Dates

To complete your visit at Slow Fish 2017 with an unforgettable gastronomic experience, you can indulge in the exclusive events with the Chefs’ Alliance cooks—custodians of biodiversity—and the eccentric chefs of Dinner Dates.