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Chinese aquaculture and the plight of African fishers

Known as Nam Lolwe, Nalubaale or Nyanza by the people who live around it, the largest lake in Africa is more commonly called Lake Victoria, a lasting echo of British colonial toponymy. Nowadays, a new form of colonialism casts a long shadow across the water, as Chinese aquaculture imports destroy the livelihoods of local fishers. In an article for the BBC, Andrea Dijkstra writes how boxes of farmed tilapia fish which have traveled more than 8000 km and are “more than two years old” now dominate the market in Kisumu, Kenya. The suffering lake Catches in Lake Victoria have been shrinking for decades due to overfishing, and the introduction of non-native fish such as the Nile perch has only made matters worse for the endemic species. This has resulted in a massive loss of biodiversity—hundreds of species gone forever, hundreds more at risk of extinction—and biomass, while human populations around […]

Presenting Slow Fish 2019 in Genoa

Today in Genoa, Italy, Slow Food and the Region of Liguria presented the ninth edition of Slow Fish—the international event dedicated to sustainable seafood and marine ecosystems —which will be held in Genoa’s Porto Antico, Italy, from May 9 to 12, 2019.