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Bluefish: Saving the Prince of Bosphorus

Lüfer is the local name given to adult bluefish in Turkey, a symbolic species in the movement against overfishing in the Bosphorous and Marmara Sea. Indeed, lüfer may soon be extinct in Turkish waters. The documentary Bluefish: Prince of the Bosphorus tells the story of this species.

We are the Net

Heroes of the sea from all over the world will meet at Slow Fish 2017. For years they suffered the consequences of its voraciousness on the marine ecosystem, their economy and their diet, until one day they decided to react—and it paid off.

Submarine Ecosystem in the Amazon Under Threat

This makes everything we published out of date. We are rewriting the textbooks, said oceanographer Fabiano Thompson regarding the massive, newly discovered ecosystem at the mouth of the Amazon river