158,760 Titanics of plastic in the sea: the problem of our times

Wed 24 April 2019

Talking to Professor Silvano Focardi of the Slow Fish Scientific Committee, we start from an apparently obvious point: "A clean, unpolluted sea guarantees our food security and our health. Pollutants end up inside marine fauna and flora, it's inevitable. Some of them accumulate in organisms over time. This is one of the reasons why we should choose fish with brief life cycles, that don't have time to accumulate high levels of contaminants like mercury, which is more present in, for example, tuna and swordfish."


Daniel Maldonado: Bringing New Plates To The Table In a Megadiverse Country

Tue 23 April 2019

When we talk of Ecuadorian gastronomy, we probably don't have the same immediate images and associations in our minds as when we talk about Mexican or Peruvian cuisine. Yet Ecuador's food culture stretches back thousands of years to the Valdivia culture, who were already cultivating maize, kidney beans, squash, cassava and chili peppers long before the Inca arrived, let alone the Spanish!


The Sea Is Our Mother: An Interview with Mehmet Can Görgün

Fri 19 April 2019

“The sea is our mother. She gives us pure love without any expectation of something in return. She feeds us continuously, even though we mistreat her. We must show more respect.” Mehmet Can Görgün is a fisher from Turkey who has been working in the Gulf of Gökova in the Aegean Sea for over 40 years. He'll be talking to us at Slow Fish about the need to adapt to changing ecosystems.