Beer and street food area

The Sound of Music. The Italian craft beer movement, typical street food dishes and food trucks.

At Slow Fish there are endless options to pair gourmet seafood with a perfectly matching beer.

Piazza Caricamento used to be one of the noisiest and busiest parts of the city. Historically a railway station, photos from late nineteenth century and early twentieth century show crowded horse carriages waiting to load and unload goods.

We’re bringing a wide range of delicious choices to the square, between the sounds and smells of the kitchens and microbreweries that we’ve selected for the occasion.


Slow fish is on the road again this year, with the sizzling pans and irresistible smells of the food trucks and street food stands: quick eats that are symbolic of Italian regional cuisine.

Colorful restaurants on wheels: our food trucks come from all over Italy to stop at Piazza Caricamento, bringing a whole caravan of flavors at affordable prices.


The selection of artisan beers allow you to explore the full panorama of styles that represent the best of the Italian brewing tradition—a dynamic movement in constant evolution. We don’t have much advice except to follow your intuition, and try pairing your beer to the food you’re eating!

The Food & Beer area is open Thursday to Saturday from noon to midnight and Sunday from noon to 8.30  p.m. Tickets for food and drinks can be bought at the desk at the entrance of the market.