Slow Fish hosts a wide array of explorative discussions and debates.

We invite our visitors to reflect on environmental and ecological issues, as well as how we can shape the kind of environment and economy that we want.

In the Slow Fish Arena we share insights from experts, marine biologists, scholars, writers, climatologists, representatives of institutions and fishing communities.

Slow Fish Arena

The Slow Fish Arena is the place to reflect on the theme of the 2023 edition: ecosystems and the connections between marine and terrestrial ecosystems. In this space we address some of the most topical and crucial issues for the future of the seas.

  • Connections between water and land, or Coast to Coast, the main theme of the current edition, is an invitation to wide our outlook beyond the seas, and take into consideration coastal ecosystems and economies, as well as their symbiotic relationship with the sea.
  • The climate crisis and drought. An issue that Slow Fish has focused on since the beginning. We’re in a dramatic situation that richer countries are trying to address by investing in, among other things, new forms of coastal protection; these measures, however, put the survival of people in poorer countries, who are already more vulnerable to the effects of global warming, at serious risk.
  • The problem of pollution, particularly of plastics, and the damage they cause to our waters. Floating islands of trash grow in the ocean, artificial islands that are testament to human irresponsibility. When they break down into nano- and microplastics, they can be mistaken for food and ingested by fish… This is problem is far from new, but nor is it resolved, and so we must continue to fight it.
  • The role of coastal cities, where human activities contribute to the degradation of the marine ecosystem. At Slow Fish we shine a spotlight on the policies implemented by cities to tackle problems of a complex nature, and to assert their identity as places of cultural and gastronomic exchange.

Fisher talk

Opportunities to delve deeper are also found in our series, “Fisher Talk”, forums for Italian fishing communities to tell their stories.

Many of them are at risk of disappearing, and too often their voices are ignored or go unheard. Slow Fish is a platform to share their struggles.

Slow Fish 2023 is organized by Slow Food and the Liguria Region, with the support of the City of Genoa. We’re in the Porto Antico of Genoa from June 1-4. Sign up to the Slow Food newsletter for the latest updates. #SlowFish2023

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