Dinner Dates

Want to make your Slow Fish experience complete? Then take part in one of these unforgettable dinners, featuring renowned chefs from around the world.

The Dinner Dates—among the most classic and popular of all the activities at Slow Food events—are back at Slow Fish. This year, though, visitors will have a chance to choose between “top” or “pop” dinners while at the event in Genoa.

All will take place at Eataly Genoa, located inside the Millo building, which offers splendid views over the Porto Antico and the rest of the city. In keeping with tradition, the top dinners will be served in the restaurant Il Marin, while the pop dinners will take advantage of the newly opened Ancioa bistro.

Quality is a given for both top and pop, so what are the differences? The top Dinner Dates feature Michelin-starred chefs or other big international names, are held in the Il Marin restaurant and have a higher cost, while the pop Dinner Dates will be prepared by chefs from the Italian osterias or the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance or involve fishers in the kitchen, will be held in the new Ancioa bistro and have a cost more suited to every budget.


  • Slow Fish Preview. Pino Cuttaia, holder of two Michelin stars for La Madia in Licata, Sicily, will be anchoring at the Porto Antico for Slow Fish, bringing to the event his ambition of “rendering perfection invisible.” His dishes reflect the flavors of home, the poetry of lost tastes and the emotion of memory. He defines his cooking by talking about a cuisine of synthesis, “the final product of beautiful arts that start in the kitchen garden.” Among his most typical dishes is the “quadro di alici,” in which fillets of anchovy compose a visually stunning composition with squid ink, bottarga mayonnaise and seawater.

Wednesday May 8, The sea is my garden: Pino Cuttaia’s philosophy and project

  • The chef of Pascucci al Porticciolo in Fiumicino outside Rome, has held a Michelin star since 2012. Gianfranco Pascucci’s cooking is in constant evolution, though always rooted by well-defined cornerstones. Only the freshest wild fish comes through his kitchen, and a diverse range of species are used, including less-prized fish such as those in the “minestra di pesciacci” soup. The focus is always on the ingredients, underpinned by great technical skill and an ability to inspire emotions, as exemplified by one of the restaurant’s most famous dishes, red prawns cooked on salt and burnt herbs.

Thursday May 9, Gianfranco Pascucci’s seafood

  • A two-hander, prepared by two international chefs from the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance: from Mexico, Karla Enciso (who has two restaurants, in Cancun and Playa del Carmen) will bring Mayan flavors, driven by her environmental and social commitment to local communities, and from Ecuador, Daniel Maldonado (also with two restaurants, in Quito and the Galapagos Islands), who will offer a taste of his country’s rich biodiversity as well as his own gastronomic experiences, developed in collaboration with food producers. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable dive into the Latin American sea.

Friday May 10, Latin American latitudes: Karla Enciso and Daniel Maldonado

  • Lastly, what would Slow Fish be without Moreno Cedroni? He holds two Michelin stars for his Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia in the Marche and runs two other restaurants, Il Clandestino, on the bay of Portonovo, and Anikò, (“every thing”) also in Senigallia, the self-styled “prima salumeria ittica del mondo,” the world’s first fish delicatessen. His uniquely Italian take on sushi, which he calls “susci,” is internationally famous. This reinterpretation of the Japanese specialty features local ingredients, replacing soy sauce with colatura and using Carnaroli rice.

Sunday May 12, Moreno Cedroni: a Journey through Time


To read more about the chefs and menus, check out the listings for the individual dinners.

Dinner Date tickets can be booked on this website until May 6. For bookings during the event, check availability at the Events Reception at the Casa Slow Food.

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