Eataly Genoa – Il Marin restaurant and Ancioa bistro

Eat, learn, shop: this has been the philosophy of Eataly since the beginning.

A meeting point between quality Italian food and an innovative form of distribution, a place where grocery shopping, lunch and dinner are combined with opportunities to learn. Eataly Genoa, which overlooks the Old Port, hosts a convivial food court, a fish restaurant, a shopping space and tasting areas, as well as cooking classes and taste education.

Eataly Genoa is synonymous with Marco Visciola, the innovative head chef that makes the dinners at Il Marin unique. Diners are also treated to a spectacular view of the bay from the third floor of Palazzina Millo.

Among the most popular activities at all Slow Food events, the Dinner Dates are back at Eataly Genoa for Slow Fish 2019, where big names from the Italian and international food scene offer their most refined fish and seafood dishes. New for 2019, there recently-inaugurated Ancioa bistro  inside Eataly hosts further opportunities to taste dishes prepared by the chefs from the Slow Food network.

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