Eating out at Slow Fish

21 June 2021

From July 2-4 the Slow Fish Dinner Dates return to Genoa in the splendid location of Il Marin and the Ancioa Bistrot at Eataly, overlooking the Porto Antico.

The Dinner Dates are three unmissable occasions in which the head chef at Il Marin, Marco Visciola, collaborates with guest chefs to provide sensational gastronomic experiences exploring seas and recipes.

From fish scraps transformed into delicious and refined preparations and an exploration of the Mediterranean together with the cooks of the Collettivo Mediterraneo, and an excursion to the lagoons of Ravenna to discover its products: the Dinner Dates don’t disappoint!

July 2 – Nothing is wasted: a dinner of fish scraps

fish scraps

It’s said that no part of a pig is thrown away, that every cut can be used… but can the same be said of fish? What role can fish scraps play in a high-quality dinner? Marco Visciola, known for his seafood finanziera at Il Marin in Genoa, and Jacopo Ticchi of Trattoria da Lucio in Rimini, a seaside trattoria that aims to use 100% of all their ingredients, without exception, provide a surprising dinner based on so-called fish “scraps”. They’ll show us, through new flavors and consistencies of aged, marinaded and seasoned fish, how truly nothing of the fish is wasted!

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July 3 – Wild mussels and the products of the Ravenna lagoon

Ph. Unsplash | Francesco Luca Labianca

The kitchen staff of Slow Food Ravenna with chef Pierangelo Orselli organizes a seafood dinner focusing on wild mussels and the products of the Ravenna Lagoon. The wetlands here are the brackish lagoons around Ravenna, with limited inflows of freshwater and amaranth family plants. In 1981 the lagoons were included in the Ramsar list of Wetlands of International Importance, and form part of the Po Delta. The waters flow towards the Adriatic Sea, where numerous hunting cabins and fishing spots along the banks bear witness to an ancient and local gastronomic culture.

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July 4 – The Mediterranean in a collective project: ethics in the kitchen

Ph. iStock Photo by Getty Images | Damocean

The Mediterranean basin is the protagonist of this project which focuses on multiculturalism, biodiversity, the experiences of women and men whose lives have shaped our history as inhabitants of this enormous ecosystem. Marco Visciola, resident chef at Il Marin, is joined by Marco Ambrosini of  28 posti bistrot in his splendid restaurant above the Porto Antico of Genoa. Ambrosini is from Milan, and is one of the chefs of the Collettivo Mediterraneo. The fundamental principles of the collective are sharing, dialog and exchange. The Collettivo Mediterraneo is a project of social and cultural inclusion and an active voice in the global debate on food.

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Beyond the Dinner Dates… a Slow Fish Dish

slow fish dish
Photo: Oliviero Toscani | Slow Food Archive

The Dinner Dates are only some of the occasions to dine out at Slow Fish. The last year has put the entire hospitality sector under enormous stress, so together with the members of the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance in Liguria and the restaurants featured in the annual Osterie d’Italia guide published by Slow Food Editore we’re launching the Slow Fish Dish initiative. Over 70 restaurants across the region of Liguria will be sharing the Slow Fish vision of sustainable fishing and respect for resources both on land and at sea with their guests.

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