Education – Activities for Schools and Families

Why should we choose anchovies or mussels over tuna and salmon? Is it true that fish have their own seasons, just like fruits and vegetables? Are some fish better for us than others? What’s it like being a fisherman? What time do fishers have to get up? What’s the hardest thing about their job? What kind of equipment do they use?

And, most importantly, what can we do to solve the huge problems facing the sea, like polluted waters and floating islands of plastic waste?

We will be trying to give creative and entertaining responses to all of these questions as part of the educational activities at Slow Fish, some designed specifically for school groups and others for families, aiming to appeal to visitors of all ages.


On Thursday and Friday morning we’ll be inviting school groups to the Alliance Kitchen to take part in “meet the maker” activities. What do trammel nets and soup ladles have in common? Students will be able to ask the fishers directly and hear all the secrets of their fascinating craft. Aspiring chefs and storytellers should have their notebooks at the ready for a meeting with a sustainable seafood blogger who is showcasing a new species every week on her site.

On Saturday and Sunday morning, in the same space, we’ll be running activities for families to learn and taste together. Adults and children can hear from a fishmonger and a nutritionist about how to choose the freshest fish at the market and how to prepare them at home.


Don’t miss the “Fish ‘n Tips” interactive educational exhibition at the Casa Slow Food, where you can learn all about our invaluable marine biodiversity, the importance of our food choices and the effects that climate change is having on the seas and oceans.


In the Slow Fish Arena, storytellers, illustrators and artists will be inviting visitors young and old to discover all the good things we can do for the environment with a program that mixes multiple disciplines and languages.

Remember, Thursday and Friday morning are for school groups and Saturday and Sunday morning for families.

Ready to find out more? We’ll see you there!

  • 11:00 - 12:00
  • Porto Antico-Casa Slow Food 
  • Cucina dell'Alleanza I Alliance Kitchen

Every day, Lorenzo Dasso takes his fishing boat “Raieü II” out into the Gulf of Tigullio, in the Ligurian Sea, breathing in the familiar briny air and practicing the craft he learned from his grandfather Giulio, who used to be one of Cavi Borgo’s most respected fishermen. What are these…

  • 11:00 - 12:00
  • Porto Antico-Casa Slow Food 
  • Cucina dell'Alleanza I Alliance Kitchen

How can you cultivate a passion for cooking seafood while living in a big city? And how can you combine it with other interests like photography, writing and storytelling? Straight from the Scottish capital of Edinburgh comes Caroline Rye, chef and creator of The Urban Fishwife blog. Every week she…

11 May

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  • 10:30 - 11:30
  • Porto Antico-Casa Slow Food 
  • Cucina dell'Alleanza I Alliance Kitchen

If you find choosing fish at the market or fishmonger a struggle, then you need to talk to Beppe Gallina. Beppe and his family have run a market stall at Turin’s Porta Palazzo market for many years, and recently they moved a few hundred meters to open a fish shop-cum-restaurant.…

  • 11:30 - 13:00
  • Porto Antico-Slow Fish Arena 
  • Slow Fish Arena

Music and recycling. A pairing not to be missed on the last day of Slow Fish 2019: a concert by Ritmiciclando, who present their new album. This experimental project builds and uses instruments made from recovered materials, many of which come from the recycling centers of AMIU, Genoa’s public hygiene…