11 May

A voyage around Italy: portraits of fishers and their techniques

Porto Antico-Slow Fish Arena

From Apulia to Sicily and Liguria, historic and innovative fishing systems all linked by a common thread: the desire to preserve a healthy environment, starting with work tools.

The mussel farmers of Taranto reject plastic, using tools made with hemp fiber cultivated in an Archaeological Park. This focus on sustainability is echoed by Sicilian craftspeople who practice ancient fishing techniques like harpooning, reed traps and the tuna fishery of Favignana. In Liguria, the fishers, weavers and menders of Camogli have been managing the Tonnarella cooperative since 1982. This fixed fishing system comprises an entirely hand-made net of coconut fiber, which is placed in the sea and pulled out again daily on a seasonal basis.

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11 May

14:30 - 15:15

Slow Fish Arena