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From Bahia we bring you a fish dish – afroamerindian fish – of colorful ingredients and wonderful aromas – as well being practically impossible to find elsewhere – situated n that cultural crossroads which Bahian cuisine so perfectly represents.

Among others, afroamerindian fish features: the licurì, a Slow Food Presidium, a fruit with a layer of pulp which birds adore – and an intensely-flavored nut reminiscent of the coconut. From these nuts a type of milk is produced, just like coconut, a liquid which is central to this dish. Then there’s cassava, whose flour is used during the cooking process, as well as the oripepe – Acmella oleracea – known as the garden cress of Brazil, crab meat and whiting fish cooked in a batter of peanuts, Brazil nuts and corn flakes. Then there’s coriander, dendê oil and much more besides! Where are the African influences? In the banana leaves used to wrap and serve our bolinhos. Enjoy!

How It’s Made is a new format for Slow Fish. They are accessible for free on this site!

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