Black crab with bami

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Life on the island of San Andres is closely linked to the black crab, a Slow Food Presidium.

The crabs have been harvested, cleaned, cooked and sold here for generations, and they’re an important element in the livelihood of local people. They generate an economy and guarantee that the island’s youth can pay for school, for example. The black crab with bami is a recipe of crabmeat stew served in the animal’s shell. Bami (or bammy in Jamaica) is a type of flatbread that accompanies the stew, made using cassava flour, butter and salt.

The crabs are caught using manual methods by both the men and women, preferably at night when they come out in search of food, using a lantern or torches made from bottles. The large crabs are caught alive and kept in containers with high sides, to stop them escaping. The day after the hunt, the women process the crabs using handmade tools, working in the internal courtyards of their homes.

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