Brazil: landing the catch on the Ceara coast

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Along the coast of the State of Ceara, a few kilometers from the kaleidoscopic beach of Jericoacoara, the scene is a symphony of colors, from white to silver and blue. The painted fishing boats, arriving at port after night at sea, are reflected in the pools left by the retreating tide.

An ancient knowledge guides the work of these fishers, who study the flow of the currents and tides to work out the best time to sail out. At dawn the fishers struggle with the waves to return to port, pulling their boats onto the dry sand, and drag their nets along the beach: the long nets are punctuated by the sun reflecting off a myriad of small silvery fish. They sort and select the fish, gather their nets and return home.

The shoreline reflects the colors of the sky in the pools left by the low tide, winding and velvety; the nets are like translucent, glittering veils, the towing lines draw infinite weaves and patterns into the sand. Here we have the meaning of sustainability as a pact between humans and the rest of nature.

The Sea Tales are short video clips enriched by the words and images of travel photographer Carla Milone. Learn more about the lives and work of fishing communities from around the world.

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