Chad: the islands of Lake Fitri

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Southeast of the larger Lake Chad lies Lake Fitri, a shallow freshwater lake punctuated by water lilies and lotus flowers. The lake is fed by seasonal rainwater and run-off, meaning its dimensions are highly variable, reaching up to triple its normal size in wetter years.

Among the flowers there are women who wade in the waters to gather fruits growing around the stems of the water lilies. The islands are not as fragile as those in Lake Chad: here we find doum palms and large acacia trees, offering shelter to numerous bird species.

On one of these islands there’s a seasonal fishers’ settlement. Strings of fish fillets are hung out to dry from the trees like necklaces: there are no refrigerators here, so the catch must cleaned and left to dry and immediately. Thousands of hooks are tied to fishing lines, almost drawing geometric forms against the blue sky above.

Below the trees and in the clearings there are small barbecues to smoke the fish which is to be dried, and to cook the fish to be consumed immediately.

The Sea Tales are short video clips enriched by the words and images of travel photographer Carla Milone. Learn more about the lives and work of fishing communities from around the world.

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