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In the region around Trapani, western Sicily, there’s an old tradition of cooking cous cous with fish.

It’s not easy to establish exactly when cous cous was first made, but food historian Lucie Bolens traces it back to the ancient North African kingdom of Numidia. The tradition has long been an integral part of the gastronomic culture across the region, from Morocco to Algeria and Tunisia. From Africa it was brought to Sicily during the Muslim conquest of the island in the 9th century. It was further disseminated in the 19th century by fishers, and today represents an authentic Sicilian delicacy.

Guiding us in the preparation of this dish is Pino Maggiore, chef of Cantina Siciliana, who takes step by step through this Trapenese recipe for cùscusu, the emblematic dish of the city. After hours of preparation and together with a fish broth the semolina wheat of the cous cous provides a symphony of flavors.

How It’s Made is a format of Slow Fish, available freely on this site, our YouTube page and social channels.

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