11 May

Immondezza: beauty will save the world 

Porto Antico-Slow Fish Arena

Keep Clean and Run started in 2015 and is held every spring. Roberto Cavallo runs up and down Italy with a simple message: a land free of litter is more beautiful.

In his journey from Vesuvius to Etna in 2017 he had documentary filmmaker Mimmo Calopresti alongside him, who made the film that we’re presenting here: Immondezza. On this run, which is a metaphor for the strong contrasts of the Italian south, Calopresti presents stories of resistance and struggle against the isolation and abandonment of the land, which we need to protect now more than ever. The risks are linked to young people leaving and refugees arriving, and the difficulties of doing business without buckling under the weight of organized crime.

Thankfully, some redemption can be found in the pride of agricultural cooperatives and elderly fishermen, all linked by a common desire to make the world more beautiful. In collaboration with Ricrea.


  • Bernardo Petralia, Attorney General of Reggio Calabria
  • Mimmo Calopresti, writer and director
  • Roberto Cavallo, writer, agronomist and environmentalist
  • Iascone Roccandrea, Ricrea


  • Silvio Greco, President of the Slow Fish scientific committee

Free entry while seats last.

11 May

18:00 - 20:00

Slow Fish Arena