India: the holy waters of the Ganges

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The rhythmic lapping of an oar plunging into the water accompanies us as our rowing boat, similar to a felucca, follows the current of the most sacred of all rivers, the Ganges. It rises among the glaciers of the Himalayas, and after a journey of 2500 kilometers, flows into a wide delta in the Bay of Bengal.

Life flows silently, magically, ever the same.  We see a parade of villages clinging to the banks of the river. The women, taking advantage of the land made fertile by the monsoon, cultivate cereals and legumes. We find large suspended fishing nets here, similar to the trabocchi in Abruzzo.

At sunset, the sky and the water that reflects it are colored golden. The boats are moored on a sandy island. At sunrise, a damp must veils the contours. But there are people working in this muffled atmosphere: with shovels and baskets they gather the sand up and load it onto the boats to be carried downstream…

The Sea Tales are short video clips enriched by the words and images of travel photographer Carla Milone. Learn more about the lives and work of fishing communities from around the world.

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