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Kissed by the sea: the revival of coastal cities

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Genova, Italy

June 4th at 15:00 in your time zone

Free event

June 4th at 15:00 in your time zone

Free event

Cities of the Mediterranean meet to exchange knowledge, share policies and explore solutions.

The identity of Mediterranean cities is profoundly linked to their relationship with the sea. From their architecture to their cuisine, there’s no aspect of their existence which isn’t affected by it.

The Mediterranean coast is marked by the density of human activity, representing an important factor in the degradation of the marine ecosystem. The problems that Mediterranean cities have had to face—and still have to—are of a diverse nature, but pollution is certainly among the most important.

The urbanization of the Mediterranean coast constitutes one of the main ecological problems in the region, often being accompanied by a loss of biodiversity which may be attributed to the destruction of habitats. This problem has been provoked in particular by the development of infrastructure for tourism.

How can we make cities and human settlements more inclusive, safer and sustainable? How can coastal cities become poles of exchange, and drivers of change for the good of the environment and all lifeforms?


  • Rinaldo Melucci, Mayor of Taranto
  • Leandro Ventura, Director of the Institute for Immaterial Cultural Heritage, Italy
  • Giovanna Cepparello, Environmental assessor for the City of Livorno.
  • Valentina Gucciardo,Food politics manager for the City of Livorno
  • Marco Bucci, Mayor of Genoa

Conferences at Slow Fish are free and open to all.

This conference will be available in online streaming, in Italian only. 

Slow Fish 2023 is organized by Slow Food and the Liguria Region, with the support of the City of Genoa. We’re in the Porto Antico of Genoa from June 1-4. Sign up to the Slow Food newsletter for the latest updates. #SlowFish2023


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Event languages: IT, EN

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Genova - Porto Antico - Slow Fish Arena, Slow Fish Arena
Piazza delle Feste - Ponte Embriaco - Genova (Italy)
GPS: 44.4089431, 8.9274911

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