Myanmar: the ice factory

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Off the coast of southern Myanmar there are more than 800 islands in the Mergui Archipelago, which takes its name for an old port used by pirates. The larger islands boast green forests, white beaches and coral reefs, while smaller islands are little more than limestone pinnacles standing in the plains of the blue sea.

The few inhabited islands host small villages practically devoid of infrastructure, populated by a mix of Burmese and Moken people, the latter also being known as the sea people, who travel from island to island and live from fishing. 

The village of Jalann, one of the largest in the archipelago, slopes up a hill from the sea, to a Buddhist temple at the top which protects the fishers. To catch fish, they cross a rickety bridge which stretches out in the middle of the bay. An incredible conveyor belt, moved manually by pushing, brings great blocks of ice to the edge of the pier, where they fall into the fishing boats.

The ice is essential for keeping the fish fresh before they bring the catch back to land.

The Sea Tales are short video clips enriched by the words and images of travel photographer Carla Milone. Learn more about the lives and work of fishing communities from around the world.

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