09 May

Recipes against food waste

Porto Antico-Slow Fish Arena

Food waste is part of our daily life. A third of all the food produced in the world goes to waste, and the problem is growing: it is estimated that by 2030 it will reach 2.1 billion tons a year.

This waste has an enormous impact on the environment and contributes to climate change: to produce all of this wasted food we use 2250 billion liters of water and emit three billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, all the while needlessly exploiting 30% of our arable land.

Food waste also means the loss of all the natural resources used in its production, processing and conservation. We present examples of initiatives and actions to reduce and manage our waste: from food recovery to the preparation and redistribution of unsold yet edible foods. Even just simply conserving our food correctly is a good practice which can help to mitigate this alarming problem.


  • The community of San Benedetto al Porto, with the Ricibo project
  • Cuki, with the Save the Bag project
  • Liebherr, presenting the BioFresh system

Free entry while seats last.

09 May

16:00 - 16:45

Slow Fish Arena