12 May

Running to save the world: environmentalist stories

Porto Antico-Slow Fish Arena

Oliviero Alotto and Roberto Cavallo: what do they have in common?

Someone who isn’t a fan of outdoor sports might say they’re mad! They’re both passionate about running, over long distances and often in extreme conditions.

But there’s more. They both use running to raise awareness about environmental issues. Oliviero has run for Slow Food this year, to educate people about climate change and contribute to the creation of Gardens in Africa, with a new one being founded for each competition he takes part in.

Roberto is a writer, environmental spokesperson and the founder of Keep Clean And Run, an Italian event that forms part of the wider European initiative against littering and dumping, Let’s Clean Up Europe. This is a chance to meet the two runners, learn more about what they’re doing for the environment and who knows, maybe go running with them!

Free entry while seats last.

12 May

17:00 - 17:45

Slow Fish Arena