Gardens or monocultures? Seaweed cultivation at the crossroads

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Genova, Italy

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Eager to engage with seaweed, but don’t know where to begin? There is a steep learning curve for understanding the ecological nuance, economic structures, and regulatory framework for wild harvested and farmed marine algae. And there’s a huge difference between seaweed gardens and seaweed monocultures. 

Join us for a panel discussion on seaweed’s ecology, governance, economic, and cultural manifestations. We will build our collective intertidal literacy and think critically through contemporary seaweed issues, dominant aquaculture narratives, and the blue economy paradigm. 

This panel is being organized by small-scale wildharvesters around the world. Through an ecologically precautionary lens, and with aspirations for an environmentally- and socially-just seaweed economy in mind, we will explore the ecological and cultural value of marine algae; models of aquaculture and the solutionist aquaculture narrative that dominates public discourse; the role of wild harvested seaweed within the framework of the “blue economy”.


  • Amanda Swinimer, BC, Canada
  • Grant Stentiford (UK), Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas)
  • John Fitzgerald, Ireland
  • Paul Molyneaux (USA), an author, journalist of National Fisherman, and former urchin harvester and fisherman from Milbridge, ME
  • Nanai Kaneakua (Hawaii), TBC

Sign up for the Slow Fish webinars if you’re interested in the world of our waters, and to discover how what happens at sea is relevant to our lives even if we live far from the coast. Registration is necessary in order to participate in the webinar with live translation.

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