10 May

Sustainability and tradition: the future of fishing in the Maghreb

Porto Antico-Slow Fish Arena

The seas of Africa are ever more threatened: industrial fishing is plundering their rich waters, while at the same time the markets are ridden with farmed and invasive species that have no connection with local culture.

From Morocco to Tunisia, we’ll learn about the traditional fishing techniques of the Maghreb. We hear from the mussel gatherers of Aglou, who promote their culture through an annual festival; then we move on to the Kerkennah archipelago of Tunisia, where a Slow Food Presidium uses the charfia, a kind of fixed maze built by lining up thousands of palm frond. Thanks to the currents, it drives fish towards capture chambers. Then we return to Morocco, to observe how local communities are playing a decisive role in directing development towards true sustainability.

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  • Latifah Dibe, Morocco, Aglou Artisan Fishers and Cooks;
  • Yassine Skandrine, Tunisia, coordinator of the Club Artisanal project;
  • Nibani Houssine, Morocco, representative of a female fishing community developing biodegradable fishing tools

10 May

14:30 - 15:15

Slow Fish Arena