What’s on the menu?

We want Slow Fish to be accessible to all in its various forms. For those who can be in Genoa and Liguria from July 1-4, but also to those who can only follow the event from a distance.

The program is divided into physical and online activities, starting from June 3, accessible on this site and our social media channels.

Upcoming events

June, 25th


food talk

June, 26th


how it's made

June, 27th


June, 28th


fish out of water

June, 29th


June, 30th


New episodes

5 Episodes

5 Episodes

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We’ll be building the program schedule piece by piece, but we can already guarantee it’ll be as rich and diverse as ever, and largely free!

Online activities

  • Conferences & Forums. If you want to get to know the international Slow Fish network and explore the seas of the world through this prism, follow our conferences and forums. Taking part is easy! When the program is online, sign up for the event you’re interested in and you’ll receive a link to the meeting, where you can improve your knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and ask questions to our guest speakers!
  • How It’s Made. The format was first seen at Terra Madre 2020, and consists of brief videos where we discover production techniques, recipes or other food preparation secrets… Soups, stews, bakes, ingredient combinations… How It’s Made is the place to satisfy all the curiosities you didn’t know you had!
  • Sea Tales. The seas and oceans are the perfect environment for great adventures, from Melville’s Moby Dick to Lovecraft’s Cthulhu… though perhaps literary parallels aren’t always the best example. With our Sea Tales we want to tell you the stories of people and communities around the world who live by, and from, the seas and waterways of the world. From Burma to India, Brazil to Italy, the Sea Tales are stories that of people who look to the future, working in harmony with nature to safeguard fish species and promote community well-being.
  • Fish Out Of Water. Online dialogues that bring apparently-distant worlds together. What do a plankton expert and a beekeeper have in common? Why is the “small world” so important both at land and sea? In this series we’ll discover the marvelous and sometimes unexpected connections between different layers of our biosphere.
  • Food Talks. Writers, economists, philosophers, anthropologists, ecologists, educators, as well as fishers and cooks offer their vision of the environment, food and biodiversity: a collective framework of the future we want and need.
  • Did you know… Educational video clips for the wider public where an expert reveals—in an easy and captivating format – curiosities of the marine world, from its seasons to the relationship between the moon and the tides…

Physical activities

  • The Slow Fish Menu. Throughout June, Slow Food and the convivia of Liguria will work in close contact with restaurants around the region to create dishes linked to the Slow Fish campaign. If food is an engine of change, then chefs are among the most important drivers. Through their work they are ambassadors for the quality of their ingredients, the rediscovery of products, producers and cultures, as well as more responsible behavior towards the planet we live on.
  • Taste Workshops. From July 1-4 the legendary guided tastings return to Genoa – ad we can’t wait! The Taste Workshops are a way to learn through tasting, to explore and improve one’s knowledge of themes and products by stimulating the senses and listening to the stories of the people behind the products first-hand.
  • Dinner Dates. These special meals prepared by great chefs are also back, where it’s possible to see, smell and taste cuisine that’s respectful of the environment and that allows us to discover different delicacies.
  • Network meetings in Liguria. Slow Fish has a wider horizon this year, in both space and time. It won’t be limited just to the days of July 1-4, nor just to the city of Genoa. There’ll be a program of collateral events organized across Liguria (through collaboration with the convivia of Slow Food Liguria, the osterias, the cultural offices of the Liguria Region and tour operators). This will include visits to Slow Food Presidia in the area (not only those working with fish or seafood), tours of local businesses, presentations and more.

We look forward to welcoming you in June and helping you explore this sea of activities!