From Liguria to Calabria, Puglia to Campania: a sea of regions at Slow Fish

A dialog between land and sea, where human action on the former have a massive impact on the latter. With this in mind, the regional authorities of Italy tells us about their projects to protect and promote their seas, their coastal towns, their traditions and their products.

From north to south, Liguria to Calabria, Puglia to Campania. We take on a virtual tour of these regions and introduce you to the people making a difference.

The regions will be present in the squares of Genoa, sharing these projects and raising awareness among the public. Discover a sea of regions at Slow Fish!

Liguria: the voice of the protagonists

A sea of regions. Liguria, Vernazza
A sea of regions. Liguria, Vernazza. Ph. iStock Photo by Getty Image Janoka82

We start with the hosts, the Liguria Region. In events spread across the region through the month of June, from east to west, Liguria brings Slow Fish to life. During the days of physical activities from July 1-4, we’ll open the floor to the protagonists of its marine value chain: fishers, artisans, restaurateurs who represent the different ecosystems and traditions of the region.

Puglia: the role of coastal reserves

A sea of regions Puglia Torre Guaceto
A sea of regions. Puglia, Torre Guaceto. Ph. iStock Photo by Getty Images | Philippe Fritsch

A network in which institutions, fishers, artisans, cooks, researchers and civil society are united in their efforts to guarantee their precious marine heritage to future generations. A space to display the traditions of small-scale fishing and the gastronomy that has grown out of it; the protected areas and the initiatives at the vanguard of sustainability. The Puglia Region, together with the Department of Agriculture and Slow Food Puglia, tell us about their projects through meetings, tastings and dinners that involve local food communities and Slow Food Presidia, with exhibitors of fish products, preserves and oils. The Puglia region has a specific contribution to make to the debate regarding the role of coastal reserves as well as regarding new projects to protect animals like the Taranto Black Mussel and areas like the Blue Oasis of the Gulf of Taranto.

Calabria: cooks’ of the Alliance

A sea of regions Calabria Scilla
A sea of Regions. Calabria, Scilla. Ph. iStock Photo by Getty Images | Aliaksandr Antanovich

Calabria is one of the greenest regions of Italy, with splendid mountains along its length, surrounded almost completely by the sea. The products and traditions of this marine region with a mountainous soul couldn’t go amiss at Slow Fish. The Calabria Region, with the Department for Agriculture and Slow Food Calabria, present a space where cooks of the Slow Food Alliance provide show cooking and tasting experiences. Meetings with fishers and experts that discuss the important issues for the world of fishing and marine life while an exhibition space welcomes food artisans with products from the Calabrian coast.

Campania: workshops and discussions

A sea of regions. Campania, Salerno. Ph. iStock Photo by Getty Image | Fotofantastika

Campania and the sea are inseparably united. There’s always been a strong link between the inhabitants of this region and the products of the sea; it islands and coasts are tourist destinations known around the world. The sea and the people who live from it are the protagonists of the Campania Region stand, in collaboration with Slow Food Campania. Through workshops, tastings and discussions, the fishing communities of Campania tell their stories, hosting local eight seafood producers.

Discover the sea of regions at Slow Fish through tastings and discussions at the stands: they’ll be spread over some of the most beautiful squares in Genoa from July 1-4.