Slow Fish 2021 closes with an appeal to approve a law to save the sea

22 March 2023

The Mediterranean is suffocated by waste, and fishers (who find ever less fish) could and would like to do their part but are prevented by the law.

Waste caught accidentally by fishing boats and waste from fishing activities is considered “special” and subject to complex bureaucratic procedures which make collecting it highly discouraging.

This is the appeal which Slow Food is launching on the closing day of the tenth edition of Slow Fish, the event which for four days from July 1-4 has animated the four main squares of Genoa’s old town.

The political message of Slow Fish 2021

“We need an immediate solution to the problem; we needs that go beyond the European Directive 2018/851 which stipulates that fishers should be able deliver waste accidentally caught at sea, as well as waste purposefully collected at sea, in specific waste containers provided close to the docks,” declared Marco Dadamo, marine biologist and member of the Slow Fish Advisory Board.

Such laws to facilitate marine waste management would contribute to achieving the objectives of the European Union’s Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, which requires a significant reduction of marine pollution of all types by 2025.

Carlo Petrini and Giovanni Toti at Slow Fish 2021

A desire to get back into action

“The most wonderful about these days has been the tangible desire of everyone, from the exhibitors and the institutions to the people of Genoa, to get involved. It’s thanks to the Liguria Region and the City of Genoa and their willingness to find solutions that we were able to organize this edition of Slow Fish,” said Daniele Buttignol, managing director of Slow Food Promozione. “In the smiles of our guests we’ve seen a return to simple, genuine conviviality. Through the pleasure of food we face the great challenges that our Terra Madre network and the whole of humanity are called upon to confront; challenges which the pandemic has revealed in an even clearer light.”

A dynamic Slow Fish

This year’s event was a month long, having started on June 3 with a calendar of webinars hosting international experts and meetings across Liguria. The Taste Workshops held in Genoa from July 1-4 were all sold out, held in Piazza della Vittoria together with the Enoteca, as were the Dinner Dates at Eataly, hosted by Marco Visciola of the Il Marin restaurant, together with guest chefs from across Italy.

Slow Fish 2023 is organized by Slow Food and the Liguria Region, with the support of the City of Genoa. We’re in the Porto Antico of Genoa from June 1-4. Sign up to the Slow Food newsletter for the latest updates. #SlowFish2023

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