A place of honor is reserved for the Slow Food Presidia at Slow Fish. There are 18 Presidia in Italy that protect fishing techniques, processing methods and marine biodiversity, with another 13 around the world.

These 31 Slow Food Presidia are found in the Caribbean Sea, off the coats of Brittany, Tunisia, the Netherlands and Norway. There are Presidia closer to home too: the Camogli Tonnarella and the Noli Gulf Artisanal Fishers fly the flag for Liguria.

At Slow Fish the Presidia are present in numerous activities, from the Taste Workshops to the physical activities in Liguria and Piedmont. They’re also the protagonists of the June 26-27 weekend, where we host the Open Presidia project, putting the spotlight on Ligurian fishers and producers.


Slow Food Presidia Noli
Noli Gulf artisanal fishers, Slow Food Presidium. Ph. Paolo Andrea Montanaro.

Open Presidia

Open Presidia: On Saturday June 26 and Sunday June 27 you can visit the Presidia for yourself! They’ll welcome you and show you first-hand how they work, sharing a slice of their daily lives and telling you everything you want to know about their products and their history. You might even taste some!

It was over 20 years ago that Slow Food launched the Presidia project, highlighting the importance of 100 initial products in need of protection. On the last weekend of June the Presidia producers of Liguria will open their doors to the public and show us how they’re safeguarding biodiversity through a range of activities. Beyond the Camogli Tonnarella and the Noli Gulf Artisanal Fishers, you can also discover Rose Syrup, Vessalico Garlic, Andora Belendina Onions, Cabannina Cattle and more.

There are 17 Slow Food Presidia in Liguria: a detailed calendar of what to visit and when will be published in mid-June.