Support fishing communities in the process of ecological transition

05 June 2023

Our political leaders must support fishing communities who are already in the process of ecological transition. This is the message of #SlowFish2023.

The 11th edition of the event closed on June 4 with an appeal for the future of small-scale fishing.

Barbara Nappini, President of Slow Food Italia: “There is a world of people who have already realized that the dominant system of food production and distribution is anachronistic, that any talk of infinite growth is absurd, and that there is precious little time to secure a sustainable future for all the gifts that the land and sea provide us with. They are mussel farmers and fishers, restaurateurs and food works, biologists and researchers who came together over days at Slow Fish, and who are already leading the way in the ecological transition of their activities: coming up with solutions that are economically viable and environmentally respectful.”

Stories of ecological transition

In the conferences and Taste Workshops we heard stories of people who are already in the process of taking innovative, concrete actions for the future of the seas, like Nikki Spil, who works on a marine farm in Wales, an integrated system that raises shellfish and seaweed as a means of providing bio-fertilizer for the land that don’t require any soil or fresh water.

We also met cooks from around Italy who are experimenting in the kitchen with invasive species, turning an ecological threat into a gastronomic opportunity: people like the Mariscadoras working with the blue crab in the Adriatic, Daniele Provezza working with the catfish of Lake Iseo, Ernesto Palma using the bluefish in Puglia.

Slow Med

The next Slow Food event that will focus on aquatic ecosystems is a new event that will take place in a new location, another seaside city, this time in the south of Italy: from October 6-8 we host Slow Med in Taranto, an event dedicated to the  sea and the cultures of Mediterranean peoples.  la manifestazione dedicata ai temi del mare, delle produzioni e della cultura dei popoli del Mediterraneo.

Efforts to end waste in Genoa

At Slow Fish Slow Food Italia has signed an agreement with RiCibo, who we’ve been collaborating with for many years now: they collect unsold food from supermarkets, stores every day and distribute it to more than 35 associations operating in neighborhoods around Genoa. Each association then delivers products and preparations to families in need, solidarity soup kitchens and the homeless. This work ensures that nothing is wasted in Genoa, and that surpluses go to help those in need: #SlowFish makes its contribution to this noble project official today.

See you next time!

Slow Fish 2023 is organized by Slow Food and the Liguria Region, with the support of the City of Genoa. We’re in the Porto Antico of Genoa from June 1-4. Sign up to the Slow Food newsletter for the latest updates. #SlowFish2023

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