The Exhibitors

Fish, preserves, salt, spices and extra virgin olive oil. The Slow Fish Market 2019 brings together the best products from the sea, freshwater and inland.

Slow Food events offer a unique opportunity to meet extraordinary producers from across the world in person, taste and buy their products and learn about their characteristics and history.

Slow Fish Market, 2017.


Along the seafront next to the Old Port of Genoa, the Slow Fish Market focuses on products from the sea and freshwater, such as oysters, stockfish, cod, anchovies either salted or in oil, trout, mullet botargo, and many other types of fish both fresh and preserved.

The producers are selected according to strict criteria. For example:

the sale of bluefin tuna and swordfish is not allowed, either fresh or preserved;

nor is farmed salmon, though wild salmon may be sold if it is caught in Alaskan or Canadian waters;

the only eels you’ll find come from sustainable producers such as the Slow Food Presidia and other projects in which the fishers are actively committed to resource management and repopulation;

cod, meanwhile, may only be sold if it comes from fishing zones where stocks are not at risk.

These are only some of the guidelines that Slow Food has developed to make sure the producers at our market operate in line with the Slow Food philosophy.


Another protagonist at Slow Fish is one of the greatest gifts of the sea, the sun and the wind, and one of the most important ingredients in every kitchen: salt, produced in magical landscapes where white pyramids stand along the coastline.

Last but not least, spices, extra virgin olive oil and preserves: everything you need for an excellent fish recipe.

If you’re a producer and you want to be an exhibitor at the Slow Fish Market, write to