Slow Fish 2021: The Water Cycles

20 May 2021

Slow Fish, the international Slow Food event dedicated to the biodiversity of marine ecosystems and the sustainability of fishing communities, returns with a revised format for 2021.

We’ll be online from June 3. Digital activities run through the month, followed by physical events in Genoa—for those who are able to come—from July 1 to 4.

Slow Fish 2021: The Water Cycles

In geography and science textbooks around the world, we learn about the water cycle, an omnipresent phenomenon on Planet Earth, connecting everything.

The water cycle – also known as the hydrological cycle – describes the movement of water around, above and underneath the Earth. It shows how water is constantly moving and changing state, from liquid to steam to ice, in every way possible. It tells us a story that goes back billions of years, and which all life on Earth depends on.

The narrative of Slow Fish 2021 takes these considerations as its premise. But the cycle becomes cycles, including all the elements which have an impact on our water, and all their interconnections.


Slow Fish has always looked to the seas and the oceans. But the life of the seas and oceans, and their health, has a strong impact on our own lives. And the same time, they’re strongly impacted by us. Think of the influence that the seas and oceans have on the climate, or the ways human behavior can damage their ecosystems.

Intensive production activities, for example, require the massive of use of chemical substances. These pollute the atmosphere, increase atmospheric carbon, and even impact the pH level of the oceans, provoking their long-term acidification. On the other hand, activities which aim for greater sustainably aim not to disturb the natural equilibrium.

We’re focusing on water cycles in the plural to go beyond the “simple” process of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection, but to put the spotlight on the enormous influence that human action and behavior now has over the world’s waters. The goal of Slow Fish 2021 is to show how individual and collective choices have collateral effects far beyond what we can see, thanks to the complex web of interconnections and link everything, from the microscopic domain all the way up to the planetary level.

What’s on the menu?

We’ll be online from June with a calendar of online activities and digital content available worldwide. From Food Talks and How It’s Made videos—already showcased at Terra Madre—to webinars and new formats we’re working on: Sea Tales, Fish Out Of Water, and Did you know?

Slow Fish is a sea of proposals for all those who have the health of our seas and the well-being of small-scale fishing communities at heart.

Check out the official presentation for further details.

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