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The Slow Fish Dinner Dates return from July 1 to 4 in the splendid portside restaurant of Il Marin and the Ancioa Bistrot at Eataly Genoa, overlooking the Porto Antico.

Four evenings in which the head chef of Il Marin, Marco Visciola, will join forces with numerous other cooks to give us a unique opportunity to explore lands and seas through rare and delicious dishes.

From fish scraps transformed into tasty and refined recipes to an exploration of the Ligurian Sea and wider Mediterranean presented by the chefs of Collettivo Mediterraneo, and an excursion to the unique lagoon ecosystem around Ravenna and all the finest fish it has to offer.

All the Dinner Dates are on sale until June 30. Places are limited to guarantee social distancing. Book yours now and dive into a sea of new knowledge! Any unsold places will be available to buy from the Event Reception in Genoa from July 1 to 4.

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