how it's made

8 Episodes

We often buy the same types of fish because we don’t feel confident exploring beyond the commonplace in the kitchen. It may difficult to clean, or we may not know what to pair it with. The How It’s Made videos of Slow Fish are here to help you approach the world of seafood with curiosity, awareness and ease.

Our chefs from across the world share knowledge, techniques and recipes: discover what you can do at home in your own kitchen and expand your horizon, from everyday ingredients to exotic preparations. All aboard for this voyage of discovery from the Caribbean Sea, to the Atlantic coast of Brazil, to Japan and Thailand and, of course, Italy and the Mediterranean.

In Italy, the ambassadors of our How It’s Made videos are the members of the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance: Pino Maggiore of Cantina Siciliana, who teaches the secrets of Trapani-style cous cous, and Adriana and Nino of Casa e Putia, in Messina. Further north, we’re joined by the chefs of the Collettivo Mediterraneo, Fabio Tammaro of the Officina dei Sapori in Verona, and Viviana Varese of the Michelin-starred Viva in Milan.

How It’s Made is a format of Slow Fish, available freely on this site, our YouTube page and social channels.

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